The Old Town

The ”Old Town” is defined as the area bounded by the Humber Estuary, the River Hull and the old medieval walls. It is steeped in history and people have been living and working here for over 800 years. The walls were demolished during the 18th and 19th centuries as the town prospered and expanded. They were sacrificed in order to build the docks that once completely encircled the area with water. These docks (The Town Docks) are no longer in comercial use. One has been converted into a huge ornemental garden, another into a beautiful marina and the third is home to a large shopping centre that appears to hover over the water on stilts.

The historic High Street is the oldest street in Hull and through centuries, would have been bustling with merchants, seamen and their families. It is now a relatively quiet thoroughfare filled with small alleyways (staiths) that lead down to the old harbour on the river Hull. This ancient cobbled street is home to some of the old merchants houses. Most notably WILBERFORCE HOUSE, now a museum dedicated to the anti-slavery campaigner William Wilberforce, who was born there.

Today the Old Town is a vibrant a mix of high street and independent shops, fashionable bars and restaurants, atmospheric old pubs and is also home to the renowned MUSEUMS QUARTER. There are no less than 5 musems within this area alone, all with FREE entry.

Just a short stroll across the river footbridge, you will find THE DEEP one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world. This award winning attraction is home to 40 sharks and over 3,500 fish.